Simple | Low Cost | Covid-19 Safe | Easy To Use


Introducing the "No Hands Door Pull"

Protect yourself. Protect your employees. Protect your guests. Avoid touching door handles!

How easy is it to be installed?

Very easy. Can be done in 5 minutes, read our full how to install guide.

What is the product spec?

  • 125mm x 80mm x 50mm
  • 3mm Stainless Steel (304 commercial grade)
  • Weight 380g
  • For heavy commercial use
  • Designed for zero maintenance
  • Door stickers with instruction for use

Why is it better than using door handles?

  • Door handles are one of the key danger points highlighted for virus transmission during Covid 19.Fire Doors and Public toilets are push to open on one side and then a handle on the other which must be pulled by everyone going through the door.
  • Contamination of just a single door handle can spread Covid 19 throughout office buildings, hotels or health care facilities within hours.
  • A report on CBS News found that by touching one door handle, a single employee can infect 40-60% of their colleagues in the work place.

Where can the "No Hands Door Pull" be used?

A No Hands Foot Pull is an attachment for the bottom of a door which enables the door to be opened using your foot, hands free.

It is a metal plate with a wavy front edge on which you place your foot and by pulling towards you, pull open the door without the need to use a door handle on toilet doors, fire doors and indeed any self closing door.

 How to use "No Hands Door Pull"

  1. Stand next to the door but leave enough room for the door to swing open
  2. Place your foot on the door pull
  3. Press down with your foot and pull the door back towards you
  4. The momentum of the door will open the door enough for you to walk though