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Why you need a "No Hands Door Pull"

Due to the unprecedented outbreak of Covid 19, many businesses have had to rethink their health and safety to comply with social distancing measures and reopen their premises. The "No Hands Door Pull" is an easy and convenient way to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Covid 19 lasts on solid surfaces for up to 3 days and door handles are one of the key danger areas for virus transmission.

  • You can push your way into a public toilet and wash your hands but then on the way out you have to pull open the door handle with everyone else has had to touch to exit.
  • Up to 70% of people do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet and 10% don’t wash their hands at all. 

By significantly reducing the need to touch doors and provide a practical alternative, you are helping to protect your customers, your staff and yourself.