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No Hands Door Pull vs Step'N'Pull

If you’re looking for a foot operated, hands free door opener to add to your high traffic areas and help prevent the spread of coronavirus by not having to use your hands, you might want to know why you should trust No Hands Door Pull.

Designed for the “new normal”, our heavy duty and robust hands free door openers will help to minimise the spread of germs within your workplace. Quick and easy DIY installation, these convenient door kits can be installed to virtually any type of door in minutes and higher quality when compared to StepNPull.

No Hands Door Pull


Price Per Unit (ex. VAT)




12.5cm x 5cm x 8cm

9.9 x 3.8 x 14.5 cm





304 Stainless Steel (commercial grade)

T6 aluminium




No Hands Door Pull is proudly made in Devon, U.K. and is the highest quality, using commercial grade stainless steel, meaning it can truly be left with zero maintenance needed. It's easy to install (link) and a cost-effective means of creating a safe environment for your staff and customers.

No Hands Door Pull can be used on fire doors and is easy to use whether you’re wearing work boots or flip flops.