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How To Install "No Hands Door Pull"

Switching to a No Hands Foot Pull can be installed in a few minutes by anyone with basic DIY skills.

Standard attachment pack includes:

  • 1 x 45mm hex screw and bolt
  • 2 x 32mm stainless screws

How to Install:

  1. Place the No Hands Door Pull against the door 15 mm from the edge of the door and 10 mm from the bottom, mark the three holes to be drilled with a pencil
  2. Use a 6mm drill bit and drill the middle hole (the lower of the three) through the door and the two side holes approximately 20mm deep
  3. Using a 6.5mm drill bit widen the hole in the far side of the door for the female bolt connection
  4. Using a 4.5mm Allen Key to tighten the male bolt, into the female sleeve nut in the back of the door. This should not need to be held as it should grip in the door, but this needs a 5.5mm Allen key if you need to hold as you tighten.
  5. Screw in the two stabilising screws either site
  6. Reduce the self closing mechanism on the door to 18 Newtons to make it easier to open
  7. Peel the backing off the door sticker and place near the handle to explain how the No Hands Door Pull Works for your visitors
  8. Good to use !